When I heard the quote from Milkweed ” We woke up without eyes caked over with lice” I not only wanted to throw up, but was revolted at the thought that the conditions at the camp got to this point. Also I feel terrible for prisoners because of two reasons: they had to live in those terrible conditions, and they did this while awaiting there death either by bullet, gas chamber, or starvation

Night was a great example of the Jewish overcoming the challenges of the concentration camps. They never lost hope that they would be freed and they never gave up their right to practice religion. Even when they were threatened by men with guns they prayed to god and fought religiously for freedom.

The bombing of the concentration camps is relevant to me, because my great grandfather flew glider planes in WW2. He personally flew over Aushwitz and bombed it because at the time the U.S. thought of the camp as an industrial camp. His silent plane brought a rejuvenation of hope to the prisoners inside the barracks. As if flying an engines lane into enemy territory wasn’t tough enough, my grandfather had to glide into German territory, drop his load, and land in enemy territory. After this he had to wait for a removal unit to take him to safety.


Texting is the way to go, or is it? Studies show that texting can actually decrease your literary abilities. For the past three years or so we’ve been told that texting is increasing our skills of reading and writing faster. Apparently we’ve been lied to, with the constant repentance of words in texting, we have lowered our tolerance of new and unheard of words. The big question for me is, how do I get our of this literary slump?

The answer is easy, read actual books, magazines, and papers. During the study the texting people had a lower tolerance for new words than reading people. In literature new words are always popping up, either in higher reading levels or in magazines and papers. Texting, the lazy language, never changes, and if there is something new we just make an abbreviation for it. People might say “reading is boring”, but the fact is that it’s not! There are millions of books out there with thousands of different genres. And newspapers and magazines print the latest things, not the same thing over and over again.

The rest of the world isn’t going to wait on you to figure out words that are new to you, when they’re old words to everyone else. Our generation seems to be the only one who has their face glued to and LED screen. We are so obsessed with our phones they’ve given us the name of generation text, I’m not exactly proud of that. We’re also spreading this nasty addiction throughout different generations. I’ve hooked both my parents and one or two of my parents on texting, and I’m ashamed for lagging their tolerance of word expceptance.

The fact is that, unless you want to be left in the dust by the rest of the world, you need to get your face away from the shiny LED light. Life isn’t rolled up into one device then displayed on a four by two inch screen. Life is all around you, and the easiest way to keep up is to read. Our whole generation (generation text) is getting to be a very stupid generation because our face is in our phones. It’s like Anthony Trollope said, “The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.”

Does practice actually make perfect? As it turns out the old saying of “practice makes perfect” is true”. Studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder show that you can never truly over-practice something. Even if you think you know it all you can still practice it. When you practice something past the point of knowing it, you get into the area in which you do it instinctively. Once you can do it instinctively, it becomes habit, then it’s as if that action is a regular thing that was built into you.

This idea does not only apply to the sports area as it might seem. You can implicate this in music as well, once the musician knows the notes and rhythms of his/her piece they still need to practice them. When the movement of fingers throughout the piece becomes natural, you can focus on the infusion of your part into the group. Once you find your place throughout the piece you can start to put emotion and passion into your playing and not just blatantly play the piece. The same theory applies to sports of all kinds. Once you know your job on the team and can do them by habit, you can focus on the opponents movements and therefore better your and the teams playing.

With the simple task of practicing you can become much better at something and then do it out of habit. Looks like our parents have always been right when they say “practice, practice, practice.” You still may be reluctant to continue practicing something you already think you know. But then think can you do it with your eyes closed, ore even all your senses eliminated? It’s like Publilius Syrus said “Practice is the best of all instructors.”

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought “today I’m gonna take a machete to the face”? Neither did Anthony Omari an orphanage manager in Kenya. But one night this poor an slum like orphanage was attacked yet again by thieves in the night. The difference in this attack though was, they were coming for Omari. in a previous attack he had fended off some of the burglars with a hammer that he keeps under is pillow. In the midst of the attack Omari secured the children in a room and turned around to face the attackers. That’s when the blade came down onto his forehead. If this was not inspiring enough Ben Hardwick’s actions will take you aback.
As a tech savvy student Ben Hardwick can do anything on his laptop. He can even raise $80,000 for a poor Kenyan orphanage. After hearing about the attack while on an internship in Kenya Ben knew he had to take action. He posted a picture of Omari and his scar then added a donation tag on the rising social site Reddit. People from around the world sprang into action almost immediately raising $13,000 to improve the orphanages security. With nothing but a few mouse clicks and keystrokes Ben Hardwick had saved and enriched 37 kid’s lives.
This simple act of kindness show all of us how easy and amazing the experience of helping out the less fortunate can be. Reddit a dinky little social site grew and grew and now they’re saving lives of orphaned children. If we all did our part we wouldn’t have the problem of poverty. Reddit and Ben Hardwick teamed up to solve this, and show the world what we are all capable of doing. If your not creating a donation fund then you can donate! As Jack London said “A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.”

I.Q. can be both a blessing and a curse to a person in this day and age. IF your I.Q. is higher than the average person then you are more likely to succeed and live a better life. But if your I.Q. is lower than the average person then you are doomed to a pathetic life of hopelessness and “Welcome to McDonald’s, how may I help you?” I.Q. decides your path in life and then sets it in scientific stone. Is that how life is decided? Are you forever encased in one area of life because of your I.Q? According to this article yes.
When a violinist practices a certain amount of time it can and will decide how good of a performer they are, that is common knowledge. But when a pianist’s sight reading capabilities are enhanced or lessened because of I.Q. the playing field becomes uneven. Pretty much the whole world of Music is decided by I.Q. and is otherwise unalterable. Won’t this destroy the creativity of music? Is I.Q. going to dictate music and all of its components? I think so, I am one of the smarter kids in my instrument section and I am higher up in chair order. I honestly think that this stems from I.Q., kids who are not as smart as me are lower in the chair order. This is what music is plain and simple.
My biggest question is, how could you avoid living a “McDonald’s” life and living a more well off and affluent life? Research shows that if you relax when learning, involve your self in challenges of the mind like chess, exercise regularly, and get a high amount of sleep that you will build your I.Q.. Some of these are simple things that everyone could work into their routine everyday, like sleep and exercise. Others are something that you must strive for and practice, like chess and relaxed learning. To do any of these all you must do is change your perspective on life. It’s like Alan Kay said “Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.”

Keurig’s K-Cups solve the common problem of half wasted pots of coffee. Although they are a great help to commuters, they pose a very real and dangerous environmental hazard. The used K-Cups are not biodegradable and take up space in landfills. Solving one problem has created another. There are options that reduce the K-Cups environmental impact. If these options are utilized, they can not only save the company’s image, but also make the one cup coffee business more environmentally safe and efficient. If not, then this convenience could diminish into a planet killing caffeine fix.
The most appealing of the options are My K-Cups. These are simple metallic cartridges that you fill and wash like a normal coffee filter. Every time you reuse one of these cartridges, you avoid adding a cartridge to a landfill. Also you don’t have to buy the Keurig coffee flavors, you can simply fill the My K-Cups with whatever coffee you prefer. This is the more practical route because it uses the same method as a conventional coffee pot.
Another simple fix is to reuse the plastic cartridges that the coffee comes in. At the bottom of this post, is a link to a video of a woman who reuses the K-Cups. She uses the My-Kap, which is a plastic cap with a hole already punched in it. You take off the foil cover of a used K-Cup which has a hole in both the top and bottom of the cup. You then cover the K-cup with the My-Kap. You fill it with your choice of coffee blend, line up the holes, and voila you’ve saved one cartridge.
These are just two of the many fixes to the growing problem of coffee cartridge waste. As Sir Isaac Newton said “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” For every solution to one problem, a new problem is born. At the least there are some temporary fixes out there.

(Recycling video)

I would go and stand up for the victim if he was being bullied. Or I would tell an adult in the area.