Everyone will forever remover the age of the tree hugging hippies. But is their cause slowly dieing with the progression of our generation? Studies today show that, yes, kids this generation are becoming less and less environmentally aware. That’s not to say there aren’t kids out there who still do try to conserve the environment. But are we as a whole, doing enough to conserve our planet in this day and age?

In school we recycle hundreds of pounds of paper and plastic each week, but is that enough? We could have a compost pile in which all of our lunch scraps go in (cause we have plenty of it). The buses upon arrival to the school for pick up, idle easily for ten mins or more. That might not seem like much, but that’s a huge amount of pollution that we’re putting off. If the drivers would turn off the bus and step aside they’d get the same feeling, with less pollution. These are small changes that majorly effect our school enviromental impact.

At my home my family recycles, like everyone else in our neighborhood. We recycle paper, glass, tin/aluminum, and plastic, all the essentials of recycling. But the fact is, we could so much more! Sometimes I feel as if every light in the house is turned on, even when we’re all in the same room. If everyone in our neighboorhood would only use lights during dark hours, and let natural light fill our house during daytime it would be huge. People did it for hundreds of years, so why can’t we?

In conclusion, doing something as minor as stepping into the school, or turning off your lights, could have a huge impact on the world. Many of you may say “we already know this”. But the problem is that kids don’t know about it. We need to spread these simple tips throughout the schools, social sites, and public places. It’s like Dr. Seuss said in “The Lorax”, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”