Will the weighted horror of textbooks ever vanish into thin air? Let’s hope so because the lines of text that seem to drone on bore everyone I know. But if I can’t get the information itself to go away I’ll side with Secretary Duncan on tablets. The fact is textbooks to tablets is the way to go.

Textbooks give us boring and seemingly pointless information, that quickly loses our attention. This results in us slamming the book shut and saying we “read it”. The idea of it being on a tablet is exciting enough, but if we can incorporate videos and maybe some simple games we’ll be dying to read our “textbook”. Two of my teachers already do this, in math we learn our daily lesson through videos, and in English we learn vocabulary through a website called “quizlet.com”. Why wouldn’t you use what’s at your finger tips?

Kids in this generation are constantly adapting to the technology they grew up with. Therefore the teacher must do their job and teach the kid in the way they learn, otherwise it’s neglecting on the teachers part. Why waste life lugging around books when you can carry one small, light, and simple device? Buck minster Fuller once said “I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I’ve invented”. Right now Apple is waiting around for us to realize we need tablets not books.